Frequently Asked Questions


From January 20 to 29.

The entrances of the Palais des congrès de Montréal are:

201, Viger Avenue West; 1 001, Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle; 301, Saint-Antoine Street West

You can park in either one of the two following parking lots :

  Palais des congress Parking located on the west side of the 201 Viger Avenue entrance, at 1025 Chéneville Street.
  The Quartier international de Montréal's parking, 249 St-Antoine Street West.

Price for either parking lots :

Fixed rate for events$ 22

  Accepted payment methods: Cash, VISA, MasterCard
  All taxes included. Prices are in canadian dollars and subject to change without notice.


Use the orange line and get off at the Place-d’Armes station.

Click to see the metro map

The Cloakroom is open every day in the Viger Hall, level 2 of the Palais des congrès.
The Cloakroom in the Riopelle Hall is open only Friday to Sunday near the 1001, Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle entrance.

If you have lost or have found an item, kindly leave a detailed message to the Palais des congres at 514 871-3141 or by email:

No, all ticket sales are final.

$12/ per ticket: 25 to 49 people
$11 / per ticket: 50 people and more

To organize the visit of your group and purchase tickets, please send an email to

Yes, you can buy a car at the Montréal International Auto Show. However, you can’t take delivery right away. You have to make arrangements with the sales representative to get it from the dealership.

Yes. But you have to bring your own stroller, no stroller rental available on-site.

Yes. Ramps outside and elevators inside are available for visitors with reduced mobility.

Yes, for reservations contact : 514 871-3186

A few areas where you can eat: one on level 2 (Bleury Hall) and a larger one on level 7, as well as, a food court on the ticketing level.

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