The 2018 Mazda6: Five Key Points

Mid-size sedans have been in full panic mode for several years now. With SUV sales skyrocketing, the popularity of these cars has plummeted. So, to remain competitive, manufacturers are having to reinvent themselves and diversify their engine selection. With the arrival of the new Mazda6, the Japanese manufacturer’s mid-size sedan, the expectations are great! Here’s is an overview of the car in five key points.

1. A MSRP of $27,000
Unveiled with great fanfare at the Toronto Auto Show, the new Mazda6 was extremely well received. With a suggested retail price of $27,000, transport and preparation not included, this mid-size sedan will go up against the likes of the Chevrolet Malibu, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Hyundai Sonata.

It has an interesting overall package, even the entry-level versions. All trims will be equipped with LED lights, dual-zone automatic climate control, a Mazda Connect infotainment system with an eight-inch touch screen, blind spot monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and automatic emergency braking.

2. No manual transmission
Unfortunately, Mazda has decided not to offer a manual gearbox for this generation.According to the spokesperson, the sales figures didn’t justify it. However, we remain optimistic. A sportier version may be in the works, which would surely motivate the manufacturer to bring back a six-speed manual transmission.

3. Two engines
Under the hood, this latest generation welcomes a 2.5-litre four-cylinder producing 184 horsepower, available in the GS and GS-L versions. On option in the GS-L and factory standard in the GT and Signature, you will be able to get a turbocharged engine that will increase the horsepower to 227 and the torque to 310 lbs.-ft. For those of you who want even better performance, super gasoline with an octane rating of 93 increases the engine power to 250 horsepower.

4. A new Signature version
The 2018 Mazda6 will be offered in the GS, GS-L, GT and the new Signature version, which will retail for $38,000 and feature Nappa leather seats and UltraSuede, Japanese wood and gold-hued trim. The Signature also boasts a 360-degree camera, windshield de-icer, front and rear proximity sonar and ventilated front seats to cool you off in summer.

5. A new colour
The most recent makeover includes a new colour: Soul Red Crystal Metallic.From an esthetic standpoint, you’ll notice that the front grille has been redesigned and LED lights have been added to give the car a more elegant look. Finally, the manufacturer offers factory-standard 17- and 19-inch rims.

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